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Rosseröds IK

Rosseröds IK was one of 67 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during Oddebollen 2019. They participated with two teams in Pojkar 10 (födda 2009) 7-manna and Pojkar 13 (födda 2006) 9-manna respectively. The team in Pojkar 13 (födda 2006) 9-manna made it to the the 1/4 Final in Slutspel A, but lost it against Stångebro United by 2-5.

In addition to this, Rosseröds IK have participated in Oddebollen before. During Oddebollen 2018, Rosseröds had one team playing in Pojkar 13 (födda 2005) 9-manna. The team in Pojkar 13 (födda 2005) 9-manna made it to the the Avslutningsmatcher (B 9-16) in Slutspel Band won it over Halvorstorps IS by 3-0.

Rosseröds originates from Uddevalla, which is the same city as where Oddebollen takes place. The area around Uddevalla does also provide 17 additional clubs participating during Oddebollen 2019 (Among others: Vänersborgs IF, Herrestads AIF, Halvorstorps IS, Grohed/Ljungskile, IK Rössö 1, IK Rössö 2, Skoftebyns IF, Vänersborgs FK, Karlsberg United FC and Stenungsunds IF).

11 games played


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